Nilo Michelin

NILO MICHELIN is the son of a single mother from Central America.  Through hard work and family support, he attended the US Naval Academy and graduated from UCLA Law School.  He served as a prosecutor for the City of Hawthorne.  In this role, he worked to keep local neighborhoods safe, and he coordinated a program aimed at reducing urban blight.


  • History Teacher
  • Former Hawthorne Prosecutor
  • Former Hawthorne School Board President
  • Attended US Naval Academy
  • Graduated from UCLA Law School



  • Hawthorne Boulevard Revitalization
  • Supported agreement that kept hundreds of SpaceX jobs in Hawthorne
  • Supported Hawthorne Police Community Outreach
  • Helped open a Domestic Violence Center in Hawthorne
  • Led effort to create Veteran’s Commission
  • Balanced the City Budget.  Voted against: excessive council travel, council stipends, increasing the structural deficit.
  • Voted against building more apartments in Hawthorne
  • Led the effort against casinos in Hawthorne
  • Voted against more nail salons on Hawthorne Boulevard (article)



  • Economic Development
  • Complete the Mall
  • Crime Reduction
  • Transparency



THE HAWTHORNE POLICE OFFICERS’ ASSOCIATION has endorsed NILO MICHELIN because he has balanced the city budget while prioritizing funding for law enforcement.  NILO MICHELIN has worked with the HAWTHORNE POLICE DEPARTMENT to reduce crime in Hawthorne.


The DAILY BREEZE has endorsed NILO MICHELIN, stating:

“On the City Council side, the editorial board wholeheartedly endorses Nilo Michelin, a councilman who is running for re-election and, like Vargas, has been on the right side of troubling divisions on the dais.

Like Vargas, Michelin opposed adding new city positions and promotions last year, worried about Hawthorne’s structural deficit. Their caution and attention to the books is commendable and exactly what voters should demand from their elected officials.” (article)


The STATE OF THE UNION has endorsed NILO MICHELIN (article)



Congresswoman Maxine Waters
Pablo Catano Hawthorne City Councilman (ret.)
State Senator Isadore Hall
Former Assemblymember Steven Bradford
Christina Chiappe, President, Hawthorne School District Board
Alex Monteiro, Vice President, Hawthorne School District Board
Dr. Eugene Krank, Member, Hawthorne School District Board
Israel Mora, Wiseburn School District Boardmember
Jose Medina, President, Hawthorne School District Classified Union
Dennis Curtis, Wiseburn School Boardmember (ret.)



Reuben Sanchez, President, North Hawthorne Community Association
Neil Gafney, President, 360 at South Bay HOA
Patricia Donaldson, Hawthorne Chamber of Commerce
Pat Carey, Hawthorne Planning Commission
Manuel Balboa, Hawthorne Civil Service Commission
Herminia Balboa, Hawthorne Parks and Recreation Commission
Darlene Love, Senior Citizen’s Commission

Allen Richards, Vice President, Ramona Homeowners Association
Kathleen De Mesa, Boardmember, Ramona Homeowners Association
Jose Gutierrez, Former President, Hollypark Homeowners Association
Carla Cooper, Secretary, Hollyglen Homeowners Association (former)
Dr Paul Jimenez, Loyola Marymount University Professor

Pastor John Richardson, New Journey Ministries
Gordon Michael Mego, Community Activist
Dulce Stein, Community Activist
Betty Patterson, Business Owner
Guy Hocker, Former Hawthorne Mayor
Al Wise, Community Leader
Rica Olson, Realtor
Norm Morton, Community Volunteer
Marvin Stielow
Queta Zepeda-Macias
Sos Corral
Paul Clark, Realtor
John Clark, Realtor
Kevin Schaaf, Leader, Centinela School District Recall Committee
Phuong Nguyen, Leader, Centinela School District Recall Committee

All titles and organizations are for identification purposes only

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